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Execution of Kate webster engraving

Jailbirds of Old London

Wicked women and Cunning jades....

"When a woman gives way to vice...she sinks far lower than a man..."

Detail from a cartoon of an execution of 3 people by hanging from a gallows in the 18th century. A coffin stands beside the victims.

Need to know...

  • Starts at The Old Bailey, Newgate Street. Ends at the Savoy Hotel, Strand. 

  • Includes a guided tour of the locations in London linked to crimes and executions.

  • Stories are brought to life with street theatre and comedy by actors. 

  • Option to go in the pub with the group at the end.

  • Tour lasts 2.15 hours.

  • Book using the links on this page. Latest tour dates are listed on the Event Calendar page * currently this tour is running for private bookings only* 



London has a long, dark legacy of trial, punishment and execution. The stories (and grisly ends) of Jack Sheppard, Captain Kidd and many other male criminals of London lore are well known and documented.  But what about the women? Join us on a journey to discover four of the lesser-known female felons of London's past.


From the Old City of London to the bustling West End, allow your austere Victorian lady guide, "Miss D. Meaner" show you the places that crimes and executions took place in the 1800's and early 1900's, and introduce you to the women responsible for them!

You will hear stories and dramatic re-enactments** of...



A 22 year old 'Criminal Mastermind'...

A 'poisonous' domestic servant...

A murderous foster carer...

A cunning courtesan...

We will also examine how female criminals were perceived and treated during this period, the influence of class and race, and whether things have changed much today in the criminal justice system, and in society as a whole. 

Walking Tour lasts 2-2.15 hours. Please note - distances between stops can be up to 17 minutes of walking. There are no stops on this tour. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have reasonable fitness to take part. 

We are running this tour for private bookings only at present. Please contact us directly for private booking enquiries.

**CONTENT TRIGGER WARNING - contains themes of murder, abuse, child abuse, violence and sex. We include dramatic reenactments of executions that may be triggering to some.**

Judge damning a gaol bird

Ready for the 'anging?

Actors dressed in period clothing by the river
an image from a newspaper article of. murder, containing text detail of the case and a sketch of a woman being led to the gallows for execution in public to a large crowd.
Actors dressed in period clothing
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