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Sinners, Saints and Saviours


Goddess Isis. Image: AdobeStock


Lydia Clamydia, Credit: @urbanadventurer

Need to Know...

  • Starts at Southwark cathedral <Meeting Point>.

  • Ends at Red Cross Gardens <End Point>

  • Includes a guided HERSTORY tour of Southwark and Bankside. 

  • Stories are brought to life with street theatre and comedy. 

  • Tour lasts 2 hours. 

  • Option to have a drink in a historic pub afterwards

  • Book using the links on this page.

crossbones gates.jpg

Crossbones Gates. Image: Alamy Stock Photo

“I will dunk you in the river…and then reveal my mystery…” 

John Constable: Southwark Mysteries


Southwark - Wenceslaus Hollar, 1647

Southwark…Most know it today for the tourist destinations of Borough Market, Southwark cathedral, London Bridge, The Globe, among others. But behind the bustling Bankside streets there is a much more sordid and dark history. 


For over two millennia ‘south of the river’ has always been a wild place of debauchery and vice. From the Roman occupation, through to the Medieval and Elizabethan eras and right up to the 20th century, Southwark has rightly earned its reputation as a "Foul dene, rather than a Fairy garden" (unknown, 17th century).


We know the men behind this history: Shakespeare, Sir Francis Drake, King Henry VIII, the Bishops of Winchester. 


But what about the women?


After all, as the Church believes, where there is sin…there is a woman!




















Enter: "Lydia Clamydia". Your local Roman Whore Guide, who is here to correct this imbalance! Lydia has left her long slumber in the spirit world to guide you through Southwark’s HERstory and bring to life Southwark’s colourful past.   As she guides you along the river and through the backstreets, you will be introduced to (among others):



A Pagan Goddess who inspired orgies…


An infamous Brothel owner…


A very unlucky Nun…


A Winchester goose (or two)…


A supernatural entity that curses men who

offend her!…


A Victorian working class heroine (or two)…


































Starting at Southwark Cathedral and ending on Red Cross Way, you will visit some of the lesser known spots of the area and have an opportunity to see Southwark from a new perspective.  At the end of the journey, you will have the option to join your Guide for a tipple in a local Edwardian pub to (ahem) digest what you have seen, heard and learned! 


This Theatrical extravaganza is now booking throughout the summer. Click the button below to see the dates available.

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Corbis/Getty Source:


LydiaClamydia outside Southwark Cathedral

Lydia in action! Credit: @urbanadventurer


The Goose... Credit: @urbanadventurer

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