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Hex and the City

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"...And have you heard (and I have heard) 

Of puzzled men with decorous mien, 

Who judged - the wench knew far too much - 

And burnt her on the Salem green?”

© Adelaide Crapsey

Explore London's witch-ridden, pagan past on our immersive theatre walking tour...

The story of London's witches...

Hex and the city tour

What to expect...

London may be one of the most open and liberal cities in the world now, but did you know that our capital has a long, dark history of witchcraft and persecution? 

On this immersive theatre walking tour you will discover just that as your guide, The High Priestess, welcomes you to her coven and unveils to you the dark, devilish and downright unjust history of witchcraft in London. 

Starting at Farringdon and ending at St Pauls Cathedral, you will meet some of the forgotten women who have been branded and persecuted as witches throughout the ages in our city -  from medieval healers and Elizabethan social climbers, to pagan priestesses and wartime mediums. They’ve come back, and they want their stories to be heard…

Explore the places that these 'witches' were associated with, and some of the locations that were host to occult activity, including a pagan temple, right in the heart of the city! 

This journey promises to be spooky and moving with a little bit of black humour thrown in for good measure.

So are you ready to be bewitched by London? 

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When to expect it...

Tours run on selected Fridays throughout the year, subject to demand. Click 'Book now' for ticket availability and prices. 

Hex and the City tour group and actors
Hex and the city tour group

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