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Votes for Women!

Suffragettes at Bow Street and Beyond!

© Margaret Morris 1911

Need to Know...

  • Starts at Parliament Square. Ends at The Bow Street Police Museum. Ticket includes 50% off entry to the Museum.

  • Includes a guided tour of locations in London linked to the Suffragette campaign.

  • Stories are brought to life with street theatre and comedy. 

  • Tour lasts 2 hours approximately. There are no stops or rests en route.

  • PLEASE NOTE: There are references to violence, sexual assault and torture that may not be suitable for young children. 

  • Book using the button links on this page. 

"...Take courage, join hands, stand besides us, fight with us''

Christabel Pankhurst

The militant actions of the suffragettes are firmly entrenched in our history books. Whether it's the shocking footage of Emily Wilding Davison martyring herself under the King's horse, or tiny Emmeline Pankhurst being carried, defiant, by two burly policeman as she screams 'Votes for Women!'  - the extraordinary bravery and resilience of these heroines and what they achieved is taught in every school now, and their legacy affects us to this day. 

But what about some of the lesser known suffragettes, and how much of a role did the Police play, and the justice system who criminalised these women? 

Come and find out on our brand new tour for 2024, Votes for Women - Suffragettes of Bow Street and Beyond! 

Millicent Fawcett - mary doggett

Image: Mary Doggett

In proud association with the Bow Street Police Museum, allow Herstorical Tours to transport you back to Edwardian London, and retrace the footsteps (quite literally!) of these incredible women as they marched, preached, fought, smashed, burned and bombed their way to getting women the vote. 


From Westminster to Covent Garden, revisit the locations where the suffragettes held protests, rallies and staged some more *ahem* 'creative' stunts.  See also where they were arrested and tried. 

On this tour you will see theatrical re-tellings of the stories of...

Human smuggling involving a Music Hall star...

Vandalism in the National Gallery...

A disabled, working class suffragette of the East End...

A refugee singer and actress who became an arsonist...

An Indian Princess who joined the cause...

...and many more!

The tour includes 50% off your entry fee to the Bow Street Police Museum, where you can learn more about the suffragettes and their brushes with the law in London.


We launched this walk on the 3rd February to coincide with the 106th anniversary of women gaining the vote (albeit, women with property over 30) on 6th February 1918.  This tour is now running on a monthly basis, please see the next available date to book below. 

Crowds outside No28 (c) Alamy

Crowds outside Bow Street Court. (Bow Street Museum/ Alamy. )

Hourglass -  A Suffragette's Story

If you're a fan of the herstory of the suffragettes, check out this fabulous new play by the awesome Lipstick Rebel Productions: Hourglass: A Suffragette's Story.


Who are Lipstick Rebels? 


Lipstick Rebel Productions was born out of a frustration of a lack of exciting and relevant roles for marginalised voices. Their creative focus is to drive awareness and to change attitudes towards female issues in today's society through the medium of theatre and film. All projects are original and their aim is to provide stories that will entertain and disarm you.


Play synopsis


Lady Caroline Braithwaite enters the suffrage movement blind to the pitfalls that lie ahead, with Cordelia, her daughter, following in her footsteps. The women tread a treacherous line in Edwardian England. A brand new black comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

If you like the sound of that, book your ticket now! Hourglass will be on at the Soho Poly Theatre and Actors East in Dalston in June.   Book tickets here

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