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"...Wonderful and fearless storytelling, balancing high-energy, comedy and surprises... with thoughtful consideration of what is actually a horrific history of misogyny and violence towards women... " 


Me & my friends loved the tour, fun & informative! This was the first walking tour I'd been on that focused on women through history and I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to learn about witchcraft! Thanks for a great evening

This tour was so much fun! I went as a Halloween treat with some friends and we all really enjoyed it. We all learnt lots of interesting facts, and it really helped it was delivered in such an engaging manner! There was witchcraft history, but it was also super respectful of current witchcraft / pagan practice. It even included a cheeky ritual at the end! The host is charming and I really recommend this! Thank you so much!

Absolutely fantastic tour. Somehow managed to be captivating, academic, eerie, funny, engaging but also so respectful, deeply moving & quite emotional at times. There were several moments that the hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Wanted to book on again to take another friend but unsurprisingly it’s sold out. Cannot recommend highly enough. Please do more tours!!

Design My Night Customer

Treat yourselves to an entertaining, informative and unusual evening tour of London's twisted history. With our very talented guide who transforms into the faces and voices of women convicted of witchery, we learned of persecution and cruelty and hope.... I'd highly recommend this eye-opening evening through undiscovered nooks and crannies of old London Town!




Just so much fun - I can’t recommend this enough! Perfect blend of information and humour and exactly the right length. Our guide Maria was simply brilliant - from the lit up cloak to the jester interludes not to mention all her knowledge and some beautiful parts of London - I loved every second.


Maria is a storyteller par excellence! Along with her co-star, she created a magical evening of tales and told them in the most atmospheric of hidden spots. Her acting, humour and knowledge transported us all to other times and places. A fabulous night.

Such a wonderful thing to do on an evening! So informative, I feel like I got to know individual women who were persecuted as witches but also learnt a great deal of history, and all in a beautiful and mysterious part of the city. You feel carried away on a journey of storytelling, immersive theatre and magic.

I loved this tour! A really fascinating look at different stories from history, brought to life with lots of drama and a bit of comedy by the multi-talented Maria. I was thoroughly entertained and came away wanting to read more about some of these historic figures. Would definitely recommend as something fun and alternative to do with friends or as a Covid-friendly night out!




"...Herstorical Tours brings each character to life in hilarious fashion - but with the right level of pathos and reflection when the fate of the women started to become clear. At each location, we were treated to vibrant stories of life and death against a backdrop of vivid history. I'm familiar with all of the places we visited, but Maria's research and performance made the night unique and unforgettable..."

Paul Phipps-Williams (on Hex and the City) 

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