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Ready to be bewitched by London this Halloween…?

The nights are getting longer, darker and it’s (finally) getting colder. And that can only mean one thing…Samhain is upon us!

And THAT means that Hex and the City, our flagship tour that was launched last year is returning for Halloween 2022. Yay!

Hex and the City is the story of the women that were condemned and persecuted in our city throughout the ages as ‘witches’. You will visit the locations linked with witchcraft and occult practises in times of yore, and meet real life characters from history.

From pagan Priestesses to Elizabethan devil worshippers and wartime mediums - hear their stories, brought to life.

Many of you may have come on this walk last year, and we had some wonderful reviews, even getting onto the BBC’s Sunday radio show!

Here are some images to whet your appetite courtesy of Paul Phipps-Williams Photography.

If you fancy a bit of this for Halloween, polish off your broomstick and book a ticket! We’ll be assembling the coven on 7 dates throughout October, so there’s plenty of opportunity to catch us. But I would advise you to book soon as these walks do tend to be popular!

If you’ve already been, please spread the word to friends, all updates will be on our social media channels (link below).

Right, I’m off to howl at the moon. Have a wonderful rest of September, and hope to catch you in October!

Love, Herstorical Tours…x

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