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Springtime for Harlots!

Have you got a spring in your step yet…? No? (I wouldn’t blame you, the weather is pretty grim still…) But never fear, dear Reader, warmer days and nights are upon us very soon, as we launch into April. And even better, the Harlots of Covent Garden will be helping us get there! (and wherever they are, the heat is most definitely ON…)

We’re happy to announce that we are now selling tickets for our April Harlots tour- this is a one night only event this month, through our trusted partner Treadwells who have very kindly agreed to help promote us.

So come along and have a romp through the wicked West End with us on Friday 21st April. And if you’ve already seen the show, please tell your friends about it, thank you :-) Ticket link here.

We will be launching a brand new tour very soon that will explore a pretty bloody part of history. So stay tuned for more details on that.

Until then, hang in there, winter is nearly over!


Herstorical Tours…x

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