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A Summer of Sin and Gin you say..?

I am incredibly excited to announce that you can now book tickets for our summer immersive experience Harlots and Strumpets and Tarts, Oh My! Tickets are available for late June and July, with more dates to be added in the coming weeks.

You’ve no doubt seen the paintings by Hogarth, the TV shows and films of the era (and if you haven’t - check out our social media for recommendations :-) but now it’s time to visit the places London’s REAL strumpets of yesteryear called home.

Allow your guide, 'The Baroness' to transport you back to the London of three hundred years ago and into the steamy underworld of the Georgian sex worker. Meet the women that 'made it', and those that ended up in the gutter. Hear the stories of the women that weren't often given a voice - in a trade that existed to serve men and the patriarchy. What was it really like for them, and have we learned the lessons of the past?

And when your thirst for lewd women, saucy stories and harrowing histories has been well and truly quenched, what better way to finish the experience than with a complimentary shot of 'Mother's Ruin' in a tavern that takes it's name from one of the most notorious courtesans of all time?

You’ll have gin, you’ll have sin, but you’ll also learn a lot and have an entertaining night out to boot.* So what are you waiting for? Click HERE to book your ticket now!

*though we can’t guarantee you won’t catch the pox…

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