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Heatwaves, Reviews, 241 deals and more!

We were reviewed recently by the lovely Hannah of Immersed-In blog. Hannah checks out all the immersive experiences in the capital and runs her critical eye over them, so we were delighted to receive such a glowing review from her.

Read the review here. Check out Immersed-in's blog site and instagram.

It's been an incredible opening month for Herstorical Tours Georgian adventure Harlots and Strumpets and Tarts, Oh My! The good reviews have been pouring in, despite some of the challenges we've faced!...

We've been stymied by a heatwave the likes of which have never been seen before, tube strikes, cast injuries and abuse from random men (oh, the irony!!) but not much will keep a working girl down! And let's face it, the REAL harlots faced much worse, which is why we're telling their stories in the first place!

We'll be continuing the fun into August but we'll be limiting shows to every other week, so do book your ticket asap to avoid disappointment!

This Tuesday 26th July only, we're also proud to announce that we're offering a special deal : 241 on all tickets* for this date! To take advantage of this offer please contact (PM or email) me directly, don't book through the platform, as it will charge you full price.

*Please be aware that this is a one time only deal for Tuesday 26th July's tour only.

And if you have already booked and are waiting eagerly for your adventure to commence, here are some fun action shots to get you in the mood.....😉

Photo credits: @peterhoganmedia

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