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Soul Searching... with Diane Abbott

Image: Abbott campaigning for abortion rights,

A very happy April to everyone except Frank Hester, the millionaire Tory Donor who sparked outrage last month with his disgusting, racist and misogynistic remarks about Diane Abbott, as as well as calling for her death and thereby endangering black women in general. I know I’m not alone in my utter dismay at how Diane Abbott has been vilified and targeted by not just this particular inconsequential scrap of humanity,  - but by the British media and government throughout her career. And now, in 2024, we’re still hearing this sort of thing.

Whatever your politics, Diane Abbott, a woman who has repeatedly stood up for women’s rights, LGBT rights, peace, and against bigotry and racism; - does not deserve to be treated in such a way. No woman does!  The fact that very little has been done about it on both sides of Government (aside from half-hearted ‘apologies’), - and that Abbott was denied the opportunity to speak for herself in Parliament on the issue -  just reminds me that the fight goes on. I will continue to do this work, giving women’s voices throughout history a platform, Telling the HERstory of all the women that have been abused, insulted, killed or simply ignored and forgotten.  Because misogyny (not to mention misogynoir) is still here.

April tours!

So that brings me onto happier news, which is that the shows go on throughout April! Come and join us, in (hopefully) warmer temperatures as we retrace the footsteps of the Suffragettes, the Witches and the Harlots:

We’re also running a private tour for the WI this month. If you’d like a private tour for your group, whether it be a company event or a private party, drop us an email and we’ll get back to you right away.

Image: Goddess Brigid from

Soul searching…

Speaking of HERstories, I have been busy recently with my own. After doing a great workshop on writing autobiographical theatre, I started exploring my origin story in this life and how I can incorporate it into my writing and my work.

This got me going down a rabbit hole of nostalgia and unprocessed grief…and from there I started a ‘Soul Story’ writing and channelling course with the great 5D Theatre.  

There are several past lives that keep coming to mind for me. Perhaps the most prominent (and painful) ones are memories of being some sort of druid priestess in ancient Britain (hence the image above!) who had everything taken away; a medieval young maiden who lost her love in battle; and an old healer in the 1600’s, hanged as a witch.  I would love to explore these more fully, and somehow incorporate them into my work because I truly feel that retelling stories of pain and loss heals them.  So watch this space!

HERstory of the month

A new thing! From next week, I’ll be spotlighting a “herstory of the month” which is basically a fascinating woman from history that I’ll introduce you to and write a bit about. I’ll publish a blog on each story. If there’s anyone you’d really like profiled, please let me know!

That is all for now. Hope to see some of you on a tour soon. Would love to hear your thoughts on any of the things I’ve raised in this email, which will also be published on my blog on the website. Feel free to comment and share!

Much love,

Herstorical Tours…x

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