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The Darling SINS of May!

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May Day, May Day! Well, after a very wet and wild April, here we are! Despite the weather, you all turned up for our monthly tours, thank you so much! Below is one of my favourite photos taken on our Votes for Women tour this month, courtesy of the Bow Street Police Museum. Sums the tour up really! 😂

Sinners, Saints and Saviours 😈 😇 🙏

But now it’s a new month and this month is all about our new tour! Woo Hoo!!!

Sinners, Saints and Saviours is an exploration of the HERSTORIES of Southwark. From London Bridge to Bankside, there are a delicious range of forgotten female characters that have helped weave Southwark’s rich tapestry of folklore and history. They rarely get talked about though, which is why we’re talking about them!

On this tour you will be guided by your friendly local Roman WHORE Guide (!) Lydia Clamydia (sic) who has returned from her long slumber in the spirit world to take you on a time travelling journey, from the Roman settlement… to the Victorian slums. You will be introduced to, among others:

A Pagan Goddess with a love for the… ahem, ‘phallus’

A VERY unlucky Nun

A ‘Winchester Goose’

A Brothel Madam that entertained the King

A Creature of folklore that curses men who offend her

A working class heroine of the Victorian slums

The tour lasts 1.5 hours roughly, and there is an optional drink at the end in a local Edwardian pub with your Guide to digest what you’ve seen and heard!

We’re launching on the 24th and 26th May this month. Lydia’s praying for sunny warm weather, as her toga doesn’t hold up well in the rain! Click here to read more and get your ticket! Sinners, saints, all welcome of course…

Southwark, Wenceslaus Hollar 1647.

May Calendar

Here’s a reminder of our May public tours and events. Click on the link to jump straight to the event page.

10th May  -  Hex and the City

17th May  - Harlots and Strumpets and Tarts, Oh My!

18th May - Votes for Women!

24th May - Sinners, Saints and Saviours 

26th May - Sinners, Saints and Saviours

That’s all from me for now! I’ll be sending this month’s HERSTORY of the month spotlight next week though, so look out for that email.

Hope to see you on a tour soon.

Much love and May you have a lovely May!

Herstorical Tours x

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