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Bye Bye '23!

Oh my Goddess! How is it nearly another new year already? If anyone else is feeling slightly terrified by how quickly the years are creeping up on them, along with the insidious signs of ageing; or perhaps is filled with a pervasive feeling of despair at  the utter shitshow epic levels of horror that the planet seems to be descending into day by day….

…Here I am to distract you with jolly and silly content! Yay!

Firstly, the YEAR. How has it been for you? I hope relatively kind.  2023 has been another fun-packed year of activity for Herstorical Tours. There’s been blood, sweat, tears and a fair amount of frustration, as always, along with some goodbyes (and hellos) to friends old and new. Some of our highlights were:

Below are some visual memories of the year. Thanks to all of you, as ever, for making it such a memorable and wonderful one. I am always grateful to be able to do this work!

📸 Photo Credits: Dark Tourist Blog, Yupvoted.

Next year is going to be a biggie. I’ll send a proper email in January once we’ve all recovered from the New Year shenanigans -  but the big news is that in 2024

we’re launching a brand new tour in association with a partner museum!

January we’re taking a break so regular tours will be up and running again In February.  You’ll hear from me again with more details in the New Year. But until then, reflect and relax, or party and pass out, -  whatever’s your shizzle this New Year- you deserve it!

See you on the other side Herstorical-ettes!


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