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Get some Valentines tips from the Harlots…Or celebrate Death instead..

Yes, February is the month of lurrrve so that means that it’s also time for our annual Valentines alternative feminist walk through Covent Garden with the Connoisseurs of Love and Lust!

Harlots and Strumpets and Tarts, Oh My! will be bringing the passion to you on February 14th (naturally) but if you’re busy having a romantic meal that night (or sobbing into your ice cream tub) fear not, we’re doing it again on the 16th!

Tickets are available to book now. Single ladies, Single non-binaries, Single gents (with bulging, ahem wallets) and loved up/lusty couples all ‘moist’ welcomed…

Fed up of Love and Sex? How about Death instead…

You know me, I never stray far from the dark side of life (and death)…February 25th sees Gaol Birds of Old London back on the streets of the city!

Join us for an evening of dark true life crime and punishment in Victorian and Edwardian London!

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