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Harlot Hens, Winchester Geese and Lipstick Rebels...

Phew! It’s June already! How was your Darling Month of May? Mine was VERY busy indeed. Along with our regular monthly tours we ran two private Harlots tours for AMC Networks and a private hen party. We were blessed with stunning weather for both - Baroness Quickblow and her faithful (ahem) maid Polly were delighted. Highlight was definitely chanting

“What do we want? “


“When do we want it?”


in the middle of Covent Garden in the morning, amidst bemused tourists. (In case you’re wondering, BJ was the initials of the Bride to be…)

Below is photo evidence, and if you can read our newest testimonials here.

Sinning and Saving through Southwark

We also launched our brand new tour Sinners Saints and Saviours over bank holiday weekend. That was epic, we launched on the Friday night, I promoted the tour in costume on the Saturday along Bankside, then we ran it again on the Sunday. Again, blessed with sunshine! Exhausting, but amazing!  Then I ran off to the Emerald Isle to have a much needed break visiting family, which was divine. But I’m back now, so….

…Are you ready for June?

What’s happening this month!

This month we’ve got our regular tours plus Sinners and Saints and Saviours - so if you didn’t catch our launch weekend you can hopefully book tickets for this month, July or August. If you need a little bit more detail on what to expect from Sinners, check out the photos I’ve posted below and this awesome review from Eva who runs Urban Adventurer London.

Photos: Urban Adventurer London.

June Listings

The great news is we now have all tours listed for the rest of the summer- so this should help you plan ahead better. Just check out our full calendar here.

Please note though that tours will only be able to run if we sell enough tickets, most of the time we do, but last month we sadly had to cancel our Votes for Women tour due to low sales, so please support us if you can by buying a ticket. Thank you so much!

Lipstick Rebels

By far one of the loveliest things to happen last month was connecting with Lipstick Rebel Productions. Lipstick Rebels are a theatre and film company that put women’s stories centre stage. This year they’re running a play called Hourglass: A Suffragette’s Story. This is a black comedy about the movement which aims to shine a new light on the the women involved in the movement. This is the synopsis of the play:

Lady Caroline Braithwaite enters the suffrage movement blind to the pitfalls that lie ahead, with Cordelia, her daughter, following in her footsteps. The women tread a treacherous line in Edwardian England. A brand new black comedy that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

The play is on at the Soho Poly Theatre and Actors East in Dalston, and you can book tickets here. I’m going and can’t wait!

Finding the Lipstick Rebels is very serendipitous as they are so closely aligned with what I’m doing with Herstorical Tours. It’s so nice to make these connections, and I’m sure there could be some exciting collaborations down the line - so stay tuned!


I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to reactivate Herstorical Tours’ X/Twitter account, so you can now follow us (@Herstorical1) and I’ll be posting as regularly as I can. I’m not a fan of Twitter as many of you might know, I just feel it’s a giant whinge-fest and seems to bring out the absolute worst in human behaviour, but I’m going to give it a go, since so many of you seem to use it! Follow us, make me change my mind about it! 😂

Jail Birds brought back from the dead…?

And finally, as some of you may have noticed, Gaol/Jail Birds of Old London has been on hiatus for some time.  This was because we had to keep cancelling tours due to low sales, and also because I wanted to focus on launching two new tours.  

But those of you that did come on Jail Birds all said you loved it, and several people now have been calling for it to be resurrected so I’m thinking of an October re-launch, to coincide with Halloween month.  

I would love your thoughts on this and whether it’s something you’d like to join.  So do drop me a line/reply to this post if you’d like to come along so I can get an idea of whether it’s worthwhile or not.

And that’s a wrap for this month! Phew that was a long one! (And how often do we say that eh..? ;-) I just want to say a humungous THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support my tours. I feel I’m getting a bit of a following now (a ‘tribe’ if you will, of loyal fans that return again and again to my tours so honestly guys, thank you so much. It means the world to me. One day, I might even be able to start a loyalty card scheme ;-)

I’ll be back next week with a new HERSTORY of the month blog featuring a woman who battled high rents, and won! and Lord knows we can definitely all learn something from her. So, until then,

Happy happy June,

Lots of love Herstorical Tours…x

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