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A treat for your ‘inner harlot’…

That’s how one audience member described us! And I have to say we’re still buzzing from our opening shows! The fun began with Sunday’s debut, where we entertained a wonderful group of 11 women (including a chihuahua called Bella!)

At the Nell Gwynne tavern for our final stop, we were even greeted by barman Gi appropriately togged in a corset too! What a treat for the senses! ❤️🍸

That was followed up by Tuesday night’s journey into harlotry, where we glugged down more gin with our happy crowd!

The perils of street theatre meant that we had to contend with the odd inquisitive drunk trying to join in - but we like to think that that’s all part of the authenticity of the tour- after all, Covent Garden has always been a den of iniquity and raucous behaviour! (Besides, we Working Girls know better than anyone how to deal with such types…;-) Here are some photos from our opening shows!

And we’re happy to report that the reviews are now coming in - here’s a taster:

Don’t miss out on the fun! Tickets selling for our July shows. Click the link below to book !

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