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Hexing or Hanging...? Choose your poison this Halloween...

Woo hoo it’s finally here! October - my favourite month (and not just cos it’s my birthday!)

Predictably, Herstorical Tours are making the most of the darker nights and thinner veil…we’ve got lots of deliciously dark tours running all throughout the month to satiate your appetite for grisly, feminist history.

Here is a reminder of our October calendar, with some dates already sold out:

13/10 Hex and the City (LMOTD) - SOLD OUT

14/10 Hex and the City - SOLD OUT

20/10 Hex and the City (LMOTD)- SOLD OUT

We’ve also scheduled in a few private and corporate tours too, that aren’t listed here. Last week we ran a private Hex tour for BT. We all had a great time (despite the heavy rain shower at the beginning!) Below is a photo of the happy team post tour!

Do remember if you are looking for unusual events for your organisation or private party, we are always up for helping you out! Our tours entertain but also make you think, because we don’t shy away from the more ‘uncomfortable’ aspects of history, and indeed of human behaviour. Perfect for any diversity training exercise! Click here to read more about our private events and testimonials.

Other exciting news - if you’re a fan of all things gothic, I’m going to be featured in an interview in the Gothic Culture Magazine this month. I’ll be discussing my tours and ghost/paranormal experiences, among other things! The October issue should be published on 15th October, so keep an eye out for that!

That’s all for now but I’ll be back with more later in the month with more news and updates. Until then, stay warm and well!

Herstorical Tours…x

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