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Let’s talk about H.E.X baby…!

Wow what an awesome Halloween! Hex and the City was way more successful this year than I anticipated - I had to add a lot more tickets than I usually would, because of unprecedented demand! Great stuff. It’s so rewarding to bring the story of London’s ‘witches’ to more people. It was fantastic too to collaborate with A Whole Orange Matchmaking and Hexen Museum in Switzerland! Great new connections were made and it’s reminded me that there is a whole coven of wonderful witches out there! To all of you that came along to hear the stories and experience the magic, thank you! I hope you enjoyed the tour and were inspired by herstory.

It certainly feels like the witch story is becoming very dominant in the public consciousness at the moment. With outside events becoming more and more extreme, and patriarchal forces increasingly trying to cling onto their stranglehold over us, I am seeing more and more people waking up to (and relating to) the story of the persecuted witch. The scapegoat. The feared one. The ‘Other’.

For me, October was a month of extreme personal revelations, painful remembrances and healing. I think collectively that shift is happening too. We can’t ignore or silence the ‘witch’ any longer. She lives in our ancestral DNA, in our collective memory and consciousness. Now is the time to tell her story and acknowledge and heal from her pain. I am so happy to be contributing- if only a tiny part!- to this with my theatrical tour. Below are some photos taken from the tours, massive thanks to @outsiderfolkartist, Debbie Chazen and Melissa Stanton for these images.

There are many more herstories to tell, though. The systematic suppression and persecution of women throughout time isn’t confined to the witch. In the summer, I launched a tour called Harlots and Strumpets and Tarts, Oh My! which examined the history of sex workers in Georgian London. I am hoping to resurrect this story for Christmas 2022, so watch this space for more details, which will be posted on our socials ASAP.

Also, it’s early days but I am too excited not to mention it! I am also working on a collaboration with the Museum of London in 2023 and a brand new tour which may or may not feature a certain warrior queen…stay tuned for more on that in due course…;-)

Phew! If you’re still with me after all that, I applaud your patience. Thank you for continuing to support Herstorical Tours. The witches are grateful!

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