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Ready for a Bawdy Georgian August? ...We are!

A new month fast approaching, and a new round of harlotry!

The Baroness, Nelly, Fanny, Sally, Miss Clarkson and ‘the Crone’ are returning to London’s streets this august to entertain, enlighten, heckle and harass you…

After 5 weeks of tirelessly flaunting our wares and glugging down gin with a gaggle of willing victims…( sorry, punters) we strumpets have nailed this Georgian underworld lark to a fine art and can’t wait to share it with you all.

But we must warn you..! We’re limiting our action to only 4 dates this month so get in quick before they sell out!

Even better, we’ve got a cracking 2 4 1 offer on tickets for our August 2nd show*, so take advantage of that while you can, and tell all your friends!

And to inspire you to join our time travelling adventure, check out this video from BBC’s highly entertaining Horrible Histories series on Georgian make up techniques, and find out what animal fur they used to stick on their faces !! ( yes, really!!)

If THAT doesn’t whet your appetite, nothing will! 😂

And on that note I’m off to apply my 14th layer of lead paint.

*Please contact us via the website contact form if you wish to take advantage of this offer*

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