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Ready for the 'anging?

Exciting news! (and terrible puns, just to warn you..) our brand spanking new tour Gaol Birds of Old London: Wicked women and Cunning jades is now officially on sale for the launch weekend of 27/28 May!

True crime has always been a favourite subject area of mine (and it seems I’m not alone if Netflix is anything to go by!) Crime and punishment throughout the ages is constantly a source of fascination, - I think not just because human nature loves the ‘dark’ and ‘dangerous’ side of life (that’s a whole other can of worms I won’t get into right now!) but because it has been passed down through our ancestral DNA, through generations and generations of trauma and fear. Executions were part of public life for a long time in London, and despite the fact that capital punishment was outlawed in this country in 1969, it continues to strike fear and fascination into the public consciousness.

In Gaol Birds of Old London, we take you on a guided journey through the Old City, exploring the exclusively femalefelons of London’s past, their crimes, and their punishments.

From the 1800’s to the early 20th century, you will meet some of the condemned women from history and hear their stories. Why did they do what they did? What were the consequences? and were they actually guilty?

You will visit famous sites of trial and punishment in London, and witness imagined reenactments of four very different crimes and executions. (Be warned: this tour contains some content that may be triggering if you are of a sensitive disposition!)

We will be examining how women were treated by the criminal justice system, society and the media in times past, and whether this has changed in the modern day.

The tour will start in the City and end in the West End and is approximately 1.5 hours long. For more details and practicalities, read more on our web page and book tickets.

We expect this tour to be popular for its opening weekend (which is also the Spring Bank Holiday weekend) so do get your tickets as soon as you can! The girls are dying to “hang out” with you ! 💀 (sorry, poor taste but had to be done…)

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