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See out your summer with a Herstorical bang!💥🔥

Yep, it’s that sad time of year for many where August is nearly over, which means shorter, darker, colder days. But here at Herstorical Tours, as you might expect, we LOVE Autumn…because that’s when our dark history tours work best! (and not least because it’s my birthday…😉 And there is A LOT going on this Autumn in the Herstorical camp. Not just walks, but talks and performances and some amazing partnerships with other purveyors of dark history fun! I’ll send an email in September with details once they have been finalised.

It’s been an eventful summer though, too. We’ve introduced the poor old Gaol Birds and their heinous crimes (and often horrific ends) to a few more punters and of course, running our usual sold out Hex and the City and Harlots and Strumpets tours with our partner Treadwells Books. The next Harlots tour is this Friday, the 18th.

Gaol Birds is an extravaganza of murder, mystery and intrigue. Below is a video of me in character as one of the Gaol Birds that stars in the tour to whet your appetite if you’ve not seen it yet. Our next tour is on 27th of this month. Link below!

We’re also proud to be running a few private tours this year, so remember, if you’re running a private event for any occasion and fancy something different - get in touch!

August and September Tour Dates 18th August - Harlots and Strumpets and Tarts 27th August - Gaol Birds of Old London 9th September - Hex and the City 15th September - Harlots and Strumpets and Tarts 24th September- Gaol Birds of Old London

Competition Time! As a small fledgling business, it is hard to get your name out there without a big PR machine or lots of capital to pay for corporate advertising. Herstorical Tours has neither of these, so that’s why we rely on our customers’ support! So, if you’ve been to one (or more) of our tours and loved it, we’re asking if you’d be kind enough to make a really short (maximum 1 minute) video testimonial for us, just saying what you like about our tours or why you’d recommend them*. These videos can be as creative as you like- add your own stamp of individuality on them! And as a thank you for your time, we’ll enter you into our prize draw to win 2 4 1 tickets to a tour of your choice. Just email your videos to: We’ll announce the winner on 14/09/23 on our social media channels. *videos will be posted publicly on our social media channels* That’s it for now, we’ll be back in September with more updates! Much love,

Herstorical Tours. x

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