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The clock is ticking for All Hallow’s Eve!(plus a free ghost story! 👻)

How’s spooky season treating you so far? I hope good? I have had an interesting and busy one so far, 8 tours down and 4 to go, it’s been quite manic but in a good way! If you haven’t got your halloween tickets booked yet, you should know that tickets are going FAST for Hex and the City. The 28th October is now sold out, and there are limited tickets left for the 27th and 31st. Please use the Design My Night link below to book your tickets.

If you want to come and see Gaol Birds, our true crime tour, there are tickets left for next Sunday, 29th October. Click the link below to book.

For those of you that like a good ghost story, I had an interesting experience yesterday that might intrigue you. I was walking through Brompton cemetery, pictured below (as one does in October when one is a witch…) and came across a tomb with my family name on it, which was unusual in itself, as our family name is rare. I stopped to take photos, and then carried on walking. A lady dressed all in black approached me asking why I was taking pictures of the tomb, and I explained and we started chatting. She asked me whether I believed in life after death and I said I did, and she then said “That’s good to hear. Because it does exist” and then she said goodbye and left. Was this just a nice lady wanting to engage in philosophical questions in a cemetery, or was she…….a ghost? a mysterious messenger from beyond the veil? I like to think so anyway! 😂 I hope some suitably spooky (but not too creepy) things have been happening to you too this month. The veil does certainly seem thin… If I don’t see you on a tour, you’ll hear from me again next month! Herstorical Tours…x

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