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Well Done, Sister Suffragette!

It’s 2024!! Dear Lord how did that happen? Well, here it is, Happy New Year, and here I am to ring it in with some very exciting news!

January, - being the month of seasonal depression, bad weather and no money -  we’ve decided to have a break from tours this month. But they will all start up again in February starting with Hex and the City on the 9th.

But before that, 2024 began with the death recently of much loved actress GIynis Johns, who played a Suffragette in Mary Poppins. Glynis famously sang "Well done! Well done! Well done Sister Suffragette!” in the film (link to the clip below).

So in honour of Glynis and our suffragette sisters, I’d like to announce the launch of a brand spanking new tour: Votes for Women: Suffragettes in Bow Street and Beyond! This is the untold story of the forgotten suffragettes and their link with the Bow Street Magistrates Court and Police.

 This tour will launch on 3rd February at 11am (yes, it’s a daytime tour!) in proud association with the Bow Street Police Museum, and will coincide with the 106th anniversary of (some) women gaining the vote in this country on the 6th February 1918. (We didn’t want to launch it on the 6th, since it’s a working day!)

Tickets are now available to book in advance from here.

On this tour you will hear tales of…

  • Human smuggling involving a Music Hall star...

  • Vandalism in the National Gallery...

  • A disabled, working class suffragette of the East End...

  • A refugee singer and actress who became an arsonist...

  • An Indian Princess who joined the cause...

Among others! The walk begins at parliament square and ends at the Bow Street Museum and includes 50% off your museum entry fee afterwards. I think it’s likely to be popular, so, to borrow from Christabel Pankhurst:

“…Take courage, join hands, stand besides us…”.

…(and book your place now!)

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