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You’re not gonna get rid of us THAT easily…

Well we’ve had a blast this summer flashing, flogging and flaunting our wares across the West End!

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with these schlaaags (I mean ‘ladies’) and to share my passion with such a talented team of actors and engaged, willing victims…(I mean audiences) ! Thank you all so much for booking tickets if you’ve already seen it, and leaving such lovely reviews - they were certainly a lot more complimentary than some of the Harris’s List entries.. (spoiler alert!)

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all been plain sailing. There’s been trials and tribulations, blood, sweat and tears and a healthy dose of hilarity thrown in for good measure. We’ve had it all - from hospitalisations to strikes to heatwaves to misogynistic heckling….all in a day’s work for a Georgian Harlot though! And I’m not exaggerating there!

Here are some of our summer highlights for your viewing pleasure…

And some of our great reviews…

Read more reviews here and here.

In fact we loved it SO much we realised we couldn’t just end it there. After all, you just cant keep a good harlot down. Especially when there’s good coin to be made! ;-)

So we’re back in September! If you missed us over the summer, you can catch us doing our thing on Tuesday 6th and Sunday 11th September. Tickets from the button below. We’ve reduced the price as we’re all feeling the pinch of the cost of living crisis right now!

Looking forward to seducing you shortly…

Book here

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