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Fancy a summer of (mis)adventure on an immersive walking tour with us…?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Summer has gotten off to a rollicking start so far! We’ve been focussing on true crime and the dark side of Victorian London throughout June and July with the launch of Gaol Birds of Old London.

With three shows under our belts, we’re riding high on the positive feedback. Thank you all!

Reviews of Gaol Birds Immersive Walking Tour…

We were also delighted to be reviewed by both Eva and Jenny this month.

Jenny runs two brilliant blogs about living in London: London in Real Life (catered to both expats and visitors- with some really useful advice and insider tips) and London Dark Tourist blog - dedicated to of course, the darker side of London’s history and culture! This is the number one quality Dark Tourism blog in London IMHO, which was why I was delighted when she agreed to review my tours! You can read Jenny’s reviews of Herstorical Tours here and here.

Eva, owner of the fantastic Urban Adventurer blog has reviewed our Harlots tour before, but she also came along and wrote a great piece about Gaol Birds that you can read here.

So don’t just take our word for it! If you’re looking for a bit of storytelling magic and true crime history all sensitively handled through a feminist lens, don’t miss out! (and follow these bloggers for other amazing things going on in London!) There are still tickets left for our July 22nd tour!

Oh and while we’re on the subject of reviews….guess whose opinion counts most??? That’s right: YOURS!!! So if you’ve been on this tour and you’ve yet to review us, please do so by clicking through one of the options below. Thank you - it really helps a lot!

Upcoming Immersive Walking Tours London

Here is a rundown of our tours for the rest of this month and August:

22nd July Gaol Birds of Old London

12th August - Hex and the City

13th August - Gaol Birds of Old London

18th August - Harlots, Strumpets and Tarts

27th August - Gaol Birds of Old London

Click here to view the calendar on our website and all details on how to book.

Podcasts and Pics!

Below are some clips of us in action, in case you still need convincing in booking a tour with us! These were filmed at the Gaol Birds tour.

Also, if you’re anything like me, you love a good true crime podcast. Recently I had the pleasure of connecting with Seeing Red the podcast. Hosted by Mark and Bethan, each week there’s a different true crime story that is sensitively and intelligently analysed, without sensationalising. The cases are often ones I’d never heard of. You can find it on Apple podcasts (Instagram handle: @seeingredthepodcast). Definitely worth checking out.

Lots of love,

Herstorical Tours…x


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